Fans Are Perplexed by Julie Powell’s Final Tweet Before Her Death at 49


According to a recent New York Times story, author Julie Powell, whose book Julie and Julia was made into the popular 2009 film starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, passed away on October 26 at the age of 49 after suffering a heart attack. However, while supporters attempt to make sense of the tragedy, Powell’s last tweet, which was sent the day before she passed away, has received a lot of attention online.

So I truly had a black hairy tongue when I woke up. Powell tweeted on October 25 that “everyone, including my doctor, seem to believe it’s no major concern, and will go away soon, but it sure is nasty.

On its website, the Mayo Clinic explains that black hairy tongue is just a “buildup of dead skin cells” that collect on the tongue. It may be unsettling to look at, but “generally it doesn’t cause any health issues, and it’s normally painless,” the website adds.

Many Twitter users began debating Powell’s last message, with some speculating that a covid-19 infection may have contributed to her premature demise as well as her diagnosis of a black hairy tongue. Others attempted to blame the death on immunisation, leaning more toward conspiracies over the covid-19 vaccine.

Powell’s spouse recently acquired covid-19 twice in the course of only one month, according to a search of her tweets, while Powell herself posted about having the condition in the middle of September.

“I decided to take a sleep, but I woke up feeling awful. I suppose this is how the covid hits. On September 10, Powell tweeted, “All of a sudden, like.”

A few days later, she tweeted once again on how difficult having COVID-19 was.

My Covid is strangely growing worse. On September 13, Powell tweeted, “Horrible headache, cough, likely fever, and exhaustion.”

Powell had earlier tweeted that she was immunised and given a boost, and on September 19, the writer posted that she was clear of covid-19.