Men's Underwear and Fertility

The revolution in style has formed a lot of differences in men's underwear.  Makers every now and then, reinvent briefs and boxer shorts. 

The contrast between the two is primarily in size and fit. Briefs are smaller, thus they fit flawlessly into the body of men.  On the other hand, boxers are baggy and more relaxed when used.

Men's taste varies a lot in picking the best between the two.  Briefs are said to be sexy and describe the figure of men. 

Some use briefs because it is the standard underwear.  Others find boxer shorts very irritating particularly when they use fitted pants.

Boxer shorts are for the conservatives and for those who are irritated with tightly-fit underwear.

There are more than sufficient causes why some men use boxer shorts and why some men use briefs.

Recently, a lot of statements have been made as to which of the two will be beneficial to men's fertility

According to some, tight briefs cause a lot of warmth.  They say that heat can generate infertility that is why a lot of brief consumers have moved from their usual underwear?