Try Core Power Yoga

Core power yoga is a vigorous yoga activity that pushes both the body and the mind to connect to inner strength without pausing

it is usually done with a warm, comfortable Vinyasa. Through balance and purpose, it rejuvenates, cleanses, and stimulates the body and mind.

Strength, sweat, and spirituality are all combined in a dynamic, demanding workout that has been made possible by power yoga.

It distinguishes between several types of power: first, physical power, which increases bodily stamina and health; second, mental power,

or the desire to focus on the exercise; and third, spiritual power, which is the source of both physical and mental force.

Ashtanga yoga originated in India, and core power yoga is its Western adaptation. Ashtanga yoga instructor Beryl Bender Birch coined the phrase.

It was introduced to the west by devotees of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, a prominent Sanskrit scholar whose Ashtanga Yoga style and philosophy attracted Western yogis.