When Anxiety Becomes A Disorder

Anxiety is a typical response that helps a person manage and deal with a problem.

However, when it becomes extreme to the matter of obstructing everyday life, it becomes a disorder and needs to be treated.

It is completely normal to be worried. When faced with a situation or a problem, we experience anxiety. 

We overlook worry when we are attempting to finish a deadline that seems impossible to defeat. We cram during last exams

Just like other feelings, such as anxiety, anger, sadness, or joy, anxiety is a normal response that helps an individual cope and deals with the present condition.

It is standard and plays an important role in relation to an individual ability to adjust and survive.

However, when stress gets out of hand and directs to an irrational fear or worry of everyday activities, it has become a mess. 

There are several types of vibrant and psychological issues. We have covered how to deal with it.