If you’re thinking about buying a house, or perhaps you have your eye on that flashy new car, you might be considering the option of taking out a loan to pay for it all. Loans are great in some cases, but they aren’t your only financing option, and it’s worth exploring whether or not you should consider another source of funds first—namely, family loans from relatives. Here are four reasons why this could be the better option for you.

Common Myths About Family Loans
In today’s world, more people are finding that having a loan from family is their best option when buying a new home or vehicle. However, many are wary of using such loans because they’ve heard rumors about how they don’t offer lower interest rates and other perks that traditional bank loans do. Fortunately, most of these stories are just urban legends – we’ll debunk them below.

Common Questions About The Process
Here are a few things you might be wondering about when it comes to family loans: How do I get my family on board? Do they need to be financially stable and creditworthy, too? What if they want too much interest or seem shady? This guide answers those questions and more. We hope you enjoy it!

How Do I Know If I Qualify?
Before you take out a loan from your family or friends, make sure you know whether or not you can actually qualify. Many people think that if they have good credit, they’ll be able to get money from their family in an emergency, but it’s not always as simple as that. A few questions to ask yourself are: Is my credit score good enough? Will my salary be enough to repay them with interest? What will I use as collateral?

How Does the Process Work?
The first step is finding family members or friends who are willing to chip in. Have them each sign a promissory note that details how much they’re contributing and when they’ll make their payments, as well as how you’ll divide up your repayment proceeds once you sell your home.

What Are Some Pros and Cons To Keep In Mind?
Before you decide on your next big purchase, be sure to consider all of your options. While family loans can help you afford an item that might not otherwise be within your budget, they’re not always as appealing as other financing methods—and here are some things to keep in mind before signing any loan agreements.

What is a Good Repayment Schedule For Me?
With family loans, it’s important to establish how often and when your family will be making their payments. Make sure you do so in an agreeable way that works for everyone involved. This can help prevent unnecessary stress and make all parties feel good about lending or borrowing money from loved ones. When choosing a repayment schedule, consider factors such as your family member’s work schedule and whether or not he/she will have other expenses coming up (like Christmas) that might cause a delay in repayments.

What Is The Best Way To Get Started?
If you need money to make your big purchase and would like to get it from family or friends, set up a meeting with everyone who is interested in lending. Come prepared with loan details, payment plan information and all of your financial documents such as credit scores, bank statements and tax returns. Not only will these documents help your family or friends to better understand where they’re investing their money but it also shows them how serious you are about paying back what you owe.